Board of Directors

S. No. Name and addresses
1. Mr. Kartik Bharat Ram, Non-Executive Promoter Chairman
2. Mr. Ashish Bharat Ram, Non-Executive Promoter Director
3. Mrs. Ekta Maheshwari, Whole-time Director, CFO and Company Secretary
4. Ms. Ira Gupta, Independent Director
5. Mr. Amitav Virmani, Independent Director
6. Mr. Jagdeep Singh Rikhy, Independent Director
7. Mr. Gagan Mehta, Independent Director
8. Mrs. Shalini Gupta, Independent Director

Composition of the Committees of Board of Directors

Terms & Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors
Ms. Ira Gupta, Mr. Amitav Virmani.

Familiarization programmes for independent Directors
Mr. Jagdeep Singh Rikhy.

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